Dating a person with bpd

17-Nov-2016 16:18

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She has sex with men she barely knows and doesn’t use birth control.Her current boyfriend sells drugs, and I think she is using them too.If this ship becomes a timeless elegant regatta or a wrack is heavily determined by the personality styles of the involved partners’.

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Nevertheless the healthy mate wonders, ”Why are we on these constant roller coaster rides?Following a passionate beginning, expect a stormy relationship that includes accusations and anger, jealousy, bullying, control, and breakups due to the insecurity of the person with BPD. They fluctuate dramatically between idealizing and devaluing you and may suddenly and sporadically shift throughout the day. Their intense, labile emotions elevate you when they’re in good spirits and crush you when they’re not. If you’re on the outs with them, all their bad feelings get projected onto you.

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