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I have asked her to go out somewhere abroad with me when I'm dressed like woman.

For her it's too much, she can come with me to buy shoes or skirts but it's all.

If you do not identify as transgender and are not affected directly or indirectly with Gender Dysphoria, Gender Identity Disorder, or GID, and are not a significant others, family member, or friend, you are still welcome.

But, if you have an erotic affection for clothing or towards transgender individuals or persons with Gender Disphoria, Gender Identity Disorder, or GID, you will not likely be a good fit in this community.

I did have a fair idea what it would be, but I had to look anyway because I'm a nosey cow. The surprise was that he has started peeking out of the closet. Men don't like their girlfriend to be taller than them... My friend who suggested I go and look knows about Debbie, as, incidentally, does the gay guy I looked at. But I've now had more date requests in a few days than my friend has had in 4 months! I was going to remove the profile, but you know what? This is my profile pic: First - if I wore heels and stood next to Tom Cruise people would think we were a circus act - the giant(ess) and the midget.

I'd like to say at this point, I've no intention of going on any of these dates, as tempting as it would be to see their face when I walk in.

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For women it's allowed to use mens clothes, it's not cd, it's only sexy... I think it's maybe something to do with men wanting to be sexy like a woman is and wear all the sexy clothes they do. It is pitty because in relationship it's very important if man wants to crossdress. What's the difference betven men using womens clothes or women using mens clothes. At home most women use their husbands/boyfriends clothes, it's not forbidden but if men try to use womens clothes, it's totally forbidden. My wife know's my cd and somehow understand's it but does not like it.

Our moderators check and if required remove Spam daily. I've been called attractive, pretty and the girl of one guys dreams. I have been 'made' once, by one guy who was able to read between the lines of my profile. Out of all of the date requests, Only Fireman Tom would have been taller than me in 4" heels.