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17-Dec-2016 16:58

In 2014, a series of ancient pyramids were discovered in the Crimea, Ukraine.These ruins, buried beneath the earth, predated even the marvelous structures of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey.It is widely accepted that Gobekli Tepe was built roughly between 15,000 – 12,000 BCE, long before the oldest known city in Asia Minor was constructed.These structures, complete with carvings of bizarre creatures and archaic symbols, also predated the construction of the Giza pyramids by over 7,000 years.Her parents, Jacob and Pauline Levinsons, both talented singers, moved to Berlin from Latvia to pursue careers in classical music in 1928, only to find themselves caught up in the Nazis’ rise to power.In 1935, with the city rife with anti-semitic attacks, Pauline Levinsons took her six-month-old daughter Hessy to a well-known Berlin photographer to have her baby photograph taken.

In an interview for the January issue of Earlier, SRK had declared on 'Koffee With Karan' that he would rip the lips off anyone who tries to kiss his teenage daughter Suhana.

In fact, he is not just associated with Navya, but is great friends with Aryan Khan too, and probably studied in the same class as him.

He has been seen partying with these two star kids a lot.

But what the Nazis didn’t know was that their perfect baby was really Jewish.

Prof Taft recently presented the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Israel with a Nazi magazine featuring her baby photograph on the front cover, and told the story of how she became an unlikely poster child for the Third Reich.

The latter sect was perhaps the more productive, for it became associated with .

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'" Until that point, James says, he was pretty sure none of his neighbors had the slightest clue that he was Aphex Twin – the hugely influential electronic musician whose ambient washes of sound and freakishly twisted beats have gone on to inform artists of all genres. , which contains tracks recorded over many years, only grazes the surface of his recent work, he notes: "It's about a fifth of what I've done in the last 10 years. It's been an ongoing thing for the past few years.… continue reading »

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